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Seal Beach Physical Therapy is committed to providing our patients and referring physicians excellence in the management and delivery of physical therapy services. We strive to provide an outstanding model of physical therapy in a professional, caring, result oriented and cost effective environment. Our goal is to assist each patient through education, fitness promotion and self-management to return to your highest functional level in work, sports and recreation. We provide a one-to-one individualized, goal oriented approach to rehabilitation and utilize the latest techniques, expertise and equipment that physical therapy and sports medicine has to offer. Your treatment will consist of manual therapy (hands on treatment), therapeutic exercise, Postural re-education, and modalities when appropriate (Ultrasound, TENS, Moist heat, Cold therapy). Our highly trained Physical Therapists have over 25 years combined clinical experience treating Orthopedic, spine, joint replacement and neurological conditions, and possess advanced skills in manual therapy. Their experience includes a high level of critical thinking and reasoning. Your Physical Therapist is considering all possibilities for the source(s) of your problem with an open minded and individualized approach. Ask your Doctor for a prescription today. xcelerate video

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